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dressesLet me start off with, I work in an office. It’s a professional office. People take pride in wearing dress clothes and sporting the latest fashions. Well at least the younger generation does anyway.

I also work with a lot of older guys (almost baby boomer age). Everyone is professional, but some have no clue to fashion. And really that’s okay. I am of the opinion that you should be happy and confident in what you are wearing.

Over the Christmas Holidays, I had the pleasure of doing some Boxing day shopping…Love deals. Anyway I found two gorgeous dresses from Urban Planet for $15 each. Talk about a great deal!

Of course I am one of those that must try things on first before buying as I am very hippy with a small waist and small bust. So what might fit me on the bottom may be too big on the top. Trust me finding pants is like mission impossible…it’s like they make hippy pants for people who should have large waists too…but that’s another blog post.

I try these two dresses on and they fit great. The only problem they are a bit short. I am 5’8″. So I am fairly tall for a girl and I find a lot of clothing is made for 5’4″ and so on. Anyway my mother-in-law is with me so I ask her if she thinks they are too short for the work place. She says they should be good if I wear pantyhose or leggings with them.

Excited I purchase both.

The first week back from Christmas break I wear them.

My coworkers are nice a lot of them like the color, the pattern, etc. But one girl looks at my dress and says the pattern is very nice but she would never wear something like that because it’s too short.

To be honest the dress does hit me a few inches above the knee. And I have worn tights with them. So in my opinion it’s not skanky.
After that comment now when I wear them, I make sure to wear them with leggings. Because I know from what I’ve read, wearing leggings with short dresses is more than fine.

So regardless of the looks or comments, I still wear my short-short dresses, but just with leggings.

But it got me thinking, what are your rules when it comes to how short is too short for the workplace?

So did I mention I love hair? LOL. Well I love having great hair. And often in the office environment I get tons of comments as always being “Queen of the Great Hair.” Or “Ms Perfect Hair.” Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a diva, I just want to have nice my-hair-smallmanageable hair.

Trust me when I say it did not come easy. As a woman with naturally curly, to wavy hair, and it’s thick, hair was brutal for me growing up. It probably didn’t help that my dad had me cut my hair to ridiculously short pixie cuts as a kid.

It took my sister’s advice for me entering high school to grow it out in grade 8. I did not want to be labelled as a boy.

Once it grew out I had no idea what to do with it. It would get frizzy and constantly had knots. Not knowing how to take care of my hair I used to hide it in buns and pony tails.

It wasn’t till I was fifteen that I mastered my hair. It took me meeting a nice lady who explained that curly hair was so fine it had to have product in it to help weigh it down. Since learning how to style my hair I have never looked back.

I even have the process down to 15 to 20 minutes a day! I know…some people just wake up and go. But sigh…that will never be my life. In fact I often cringe when I see women who have beautiful hair in the front and bedhead in the back. Makes me want to shake the woman and yell “Do you not check the back of your head!”

But I digress…lol.

Here are my tips for curly hair:

1. Condition, condition, condition. Conditioner is your best friend. Now the fun part, sorting through cheap conditioners vs good ones. Because we have curly hair we have to buy the higher end products. Cheap ones will not do girls.

Curly hair is naturally very dry. Mine without conditioner is like straw. So every day, even if I don’t shampoo I make sure to condition. Some good conditioners are Tresseme, Salon Selective, Herbal Essence, and so on. Some cheap ones are no-name, Dove, Sauve, and ones that you know when you buy aren’t going to work.

2. Use a pick, us curly-haired girls cannot use brushes as that will dry our hair out more, create split-ends or make your hair frizzy, all no-nos. When I use a pick, I start with the ends, and hold my hair about half way, that way if it’s knotty I don’t have to worry about yanking my head or hurting my hair. Then from the ends I work my way up towards the root, while holding my hair, this way it doesn’t hurt my head.

3. Use some kind of finishing product. As a curly-haired girl, I learned long ago that I cannot just let my hair air-dry. Wishful thinking, if I do let it air dry, nothing but frizz city.

I have searched long and hard for the type of product that works in my hair. First, I use mousse, some curly haired beauties choose gel, but I like mousse because it also conditions my hair. Now the same thing for conditioner applies for mousse, you don’t want a cheaper product. For me, I have really thick hair and it’s curly so I have both evils to work against. That’s why I like

21ASt+VuwML__SL110_Got 2 be.  Awesome! And it makes my hair curlier than it’s ever been. My other runner up is Salon Selective, purple bottle, but that has been discontinued. Okay a note as to why I don’t use gel – it dries your hair out and gives you those fun flakes. And if you are like me, you like to play with your hair, and if you use gel, you will have a flakey mess in no time…which is a total no-no.

4. Always sleep with your head in braid. I like to wash my hair at night, so I have learned to keep it knot-free with a braid.

5. Updos. These have always been a problem for me. Straight-haired girls can do updos with their hair dry or wet, I find wet is best for me. I can put my hair in a ponytail any time, but if I want to wear a headband, or wear my hair half up, I do it first thing in the morning after my hair is wet. (Though I recently went to a wedding and the lady did a beautiful updo on my dry hair…so I have rethought this; if your hair is being professionally done, best to have dirty dry hair. It holds the style better).

6. Hairstyles – Because you have curly hair, you need to realize that you can’t have the latest haircuts and styles that other girls get. Why? Well it depends on how thick your hair is. If your hair is thin, you’ll probably be okay. But if your hair is thick, you cannot go too short or you get that lovely triangle effect. You know what I mean where the your hair goes in at your head and then flows out at your shoulders like a triangle.

Also I find when I do get haircuts, I never pay for style. Why? Because most hairstylists do not have a clue when it comes to styling curly people’s hair. Why pay for this service if you only leave the salon looking like a mop-head. Trust me again, this has happened on many occasions. I have totally lost all faith in having my hair styled.
In fact usually when I have a hair cut I leave the salon with my hair in a pony tail. My husband gets a real hoot out of this. 🙂

I let my hair grow and maybe go to the salon once a year for a trim or layering. Lately I’ve been into layering because it makes my hair have more body near the roots, and it’s a bit of a different style for me. Not so hippish. I also get my hair thinned. LOL…I know most girls want the opposite. But because my hair is so thick, getting it thinned makes it a lot more manageable for me. I curse my parents who both have thick hair for reproducing…lol.

Well that’s all the curly hair tips I have. I love having discussions with other curly haired women so feel free to leave me a comment about what works for you.

This is a blog that I have created to discuss hair, nails, skin, makeup, fashion and health tips and trends. If you are like me, than you also share a passion about beauty. I don’t mean this in a superficial way, I think everyone secretly wants to look beautiful and often they are not sure how to do this.

I decided to start this blog after many coworkers have asked me questions about hair advice, fashion advice, makeup advice, where to shop etc. It amazes me that some women are too shy to ask, so I thought a beauty blog would be a great way to share what I have learned in my 35 years as a woman.

This blog will review products, what I think are great, and what products are not worth buying. This beauty blog will also talk about great deals, how to apply products, and where to find items on a budget. I don’t believe in spending a fortune on beauty. I think anyone can be beautiful on a budget. I am tired of hearing about people being poor and saying that is the reason they can’t be beautiful.

I grew up poor and found a way. I know it can be done. But this blog is also for people who spend $100s a month on beauty products. Don’t waste your money, I will tell you what works and what doesn’t.
Please come back as I will be adding more and more content as I go along.

Here is a photo of me getting an updo for a wedding I was going to. Cost me $35.00 but well worth it!

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